A New song, A New Chapter

It's out! The thus-far unknown singer-dude Buddy Dool makes his soulie appearance on the new single "Strange Love". The song deals with the age-old dilemma of the most comlicated craziness we all must endure in our lives, love. As strange as love is in itself, the song title emphsises the heartly ordeal and lyrics utter the story of the ultimate seeking.

Hear-yee, hear-yee! Check out our new sound for yourself:


A New Beginning & A New Page!

Long lost brother

At last a road that seemed endless has come to an end now that Genre found the lost brother they have been searching for. May a present Buddy Dool the new singer of the group. The first gig with Buddy will be seen on the 6th of november at Jack the Rooster (Tampere). The sound of Genre has evolved with the added keyboard instrument that Buddy brought to the band. We'll see you folks at the gigs!

Stay tuned for updates to come!

- Genre